Natural Mosquito Management With Sandalwood

May 27, 2016

Just because we’re heading into the colder months doesn’t mean we’re free from pesky mosquito's - they’re still buzzing around, and it’s important to keep your home and family protected. Though the likelihood of contracting a disease from a mosquito bite is relatively low, the threat still exists - plus, their bites still cause painful itchy bites and rashes.

At New Mountain Merchants we have a full range of 100% natural sandalwood products designed to repel mosquito's while enhancing the air around you. Blending sandalwood with a number of natural oils to create a proven mosquito deterrent as well as an aromatic experience, our products are Eco-friendly and safe to use around children and pets.

Contrary to products sold by other stores and brands that feature chemicals, our sandalwood mosquito repellent products are completely natural and environmentally friendly, with no harsh chemical smells.

Here are some of our best-selling products, all available via our website:

Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks

These Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks are available in 2 hour, 3 hour, and 6 hour options - meaning the amount of time that they will stay burning. They exude a beautiful sandalwood aroma and can easily be put out and reused, with no breakage.

Sandalwood & Jasmine Mosquito Sticks

These Sandalwood & Jasmine Mosquito Sticks are an aromatic blend of sandalwood and essential oils, and offer something different for those who enjoy the smell of jasmine. Like all our products, they are safe to use around kids and pets!

Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang Mosquito Sticks

Our Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang Mosquito Sticks are completely chemical free and are another alternative for lovers of essential oils. They are 100% natural and can burn for up to 3 hours.

Citronella Mosquito Sticks

Our Citronella mosquito sticks differ from those elsewhere on the market: they are chemical free and completely natural, with no nasty hydrocarbons. There is no black smoke involved, and we use a safe level of essential oil to create our products.

Sandalwood Stick Diffuser

 The Sandalwood Stick Diffuser pairs perfectly with the above products to create a safer, premium experience. It maximises protection against mosquitos, protects children and pets from touching the lit end of the sticks, and allows the smoke to diffuse evenly at ground level - resulting in a more efficient deterrent.

Our West Australian grown and harvested sandalwood mosquito deterrent products are easy on the environment, the nose, and your skin. They smell great and look good in the garden or in a diffuser on your outdoor table or workbench. Most of all, they protect your skin from buzzing mozzies - all year round.

Head to the ‘Mosquito Products’’ section of our online store today to find the perfect product for your home, and <a title=" find out more about New Mountain Merchants on our website and find out more about New Mountain Merchants on our website.

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