Status Trees

January 30, 2014

For many years our customers in China and Taiwan have asked Wescorp to produce whole sandalwood trees, status trees, for the market. The information that has been passed to us is that these trees would be used in offices and in many cases in large temples.


Finally, we have identified some beautiful old wild sandalwood trees from a private property with a farmer interested in harvesting the trees in the correct manner. This is an expensive and time-consuming exercise for the farmer and Wescorp, however we are very impressed with the results.


The trees are over 120 years old and have wonderful artistic form that will be far more attractive than any other sandalwood trees that we have seen in the temples over the years.


We have contracted the farmer to deliver 4 trees to our factory and below are the photos of the trees. Wescorp is paying the farmer on the delivered weight and we expect the trees to lose another 20% of the delivered weight before it arrives in the market through moisture loss.



Fortunately, the actual weight of the tree will have little consideration in its value as it is the size and artistic form that will impress the market and our customers the most. We have therefore put a fixed price on each tree FOB. We expect to be able to pack them in 20 and 40-foot containers with open rooftops.


Wescorp will make every effort to make sure that the trees arrive in the same condition they leave our factory. Because they will be in open containers, they may need salt washed off them on arrival at your premises, but we know this will not damage the tree.


Each tree contains a huge amount of uniqueness and character; they have dead and green aspects to them and tell stories lasting over a century of the many seasons and harsh realities of the West Australian desert land.



Please contact New Mountain Merchants for more information regarding these amazing pieces. 

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