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Interested in trying our products? Try WELCOME21 at checkout for 10% off selected products

Why Use an Area Repellent like Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks Instead of Skin-Applied Products?

October 12, 2015

If you have a mosquito problem in your back yard, the solution will likely come from two different directions. One - you can spray yourself with an aerosol mosquito repellent, or two - you can burn something in your yard that will keep the bugs away. Both will work, but did you know that there are serious drawbacks to using sprays? Using an area repellent such as sandalwood mosquito sticks is fast becoming the most popular method. 

First of all, let’s look at convenience and cost. A mosquito repellent spray such as DEET can be a fairly expensive solution in the long term. Cans don’t last very long and if you have a large family, you could be getting through a can of repellent every couple of days. It’s also not very practical if you’re having guests over, to insist they all spray themselves. It’s much nicer if your family and your guests can simply sit and talk in an area that is already free of mosquitos. Sandalwood incense by comparison, in the form of candles and sticks, can provide you with an instant mosquito-free area that also has the pleasant side-effect of having a nice aroma too! Another cost-saving benefit of using mosquito sticks is that they have the ability to be extinguished after use and reused when required which enables users to maximise the mosquito free zone and prevents any usage waste. 

Sandalwood mosquito sticks also last for a very long time, and don’t cost a great deal to buy, so over a period of time they are much more economical.

Another good reason why you should consider using an area repellent like Sandalwood incense, is simply the impact on the environment that aerosols have. The less we use aerosols and manufactured chemicals, and favour natural products instead, the less negative impact we have on our surroundings. Sandalwood mosquito sticks are 100% natural, and are therefore not harmful to the environment. Sandalwood also comes from forests that are completely sustainable.

There are also benefits of using Sandalwood incense sticks to your health, rather than using a chemical that is sprayed directly onto the skin. It’s not advised to use DEET spray if you’re pregnant, and it especially should not be applied to the skin of young children and babies. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use DEET spray on your own skin regularly either as long term exposure can be harmful. It’s also possible that chemical sprays can bring on the effects of asthma if you’re a sufferer. In all these cases, a natural product such as sandalwood incense is much better as you’re not applying anything to your skin directly, and incense is much kinder to your lungs than a chemical spray.

It’s fairly obvious that an area repellent is much less concentrated than a spray that is applied directly to your body. An area repellent such as sandalwood mosquito sticks also doesn’t use a hydrocarbon accelerant to work, which is the chemical that gives DEET and other aerosol repellents their awful odours. 

So in conclusion, if you need to free your backyard from mosquitos and other biting bugs, check out sandalwood incense sticks from New Mountain. You’ll not only be looking after the environment, but you’ll also be looking after yourself and your pocket too.