Summers In Australia: What Is Your Plan?

December 18, 2015

In just a couple of weeks, summer will kick in - from indulging in adventure sports to exploring the natural wilderness, the scopes of opportunities are innumerable. But whatever outdoor activity you might be planning, more often than not, the key to a happy experience is packing efficiently. 

Outdoor Activity: Top Concerns

Whether you are on a camping trip, trekking or perhaps fishing, the threat of mosquito bites is a constant source of worry for most explorers and adventure seekers and, no doubt, most times, you end up loading a bag full of supplies to last you through the trip and avoid the risk of contracting any potentially harmful disease as a result of these severe bites. 

But hang on! Are you worried about the risk of exposing your child to so many chemicals in an effort to safeguard them from mosquito bites? Have you ever considered how harmful these chemicals could be? One concept that is fast gaining momentum and capturing the public imagination is natural mosquito repellents. It is considered safe and non-toxic with medicinal properties. The best part is, unlike the ones that need to be applied on skin, these can be simply ignited like an incense stick or arranged in a neat little diffuser close by. 

Now the problem is how do you choose which one to use? While some highlight the importance of citronella or sandalwood oil, others might talk of the enhanced benefits of using additional essential oils. Making a choice can often be an uphill task. Especially if you have planned a long camping, fishing or trekking trip, you want to ensure that the natural mosquito repellent that you might decide on will actually provide protection for you. 

Making the Right Choice

Though the market is full of essential oil infused natural mosquito repellents, we recommend the ones using Australian sandalwood by New Mountain. We sell natural mosquito repellent using sandalwood powder, and all products are 100% DEET free. It essentially means that this mosquito repellent does not contain any chemicals that could harm the skin or have side effects in any other way. Not only is it a lot better option than the many others containing several harmful chemicals, it is by far one of the safest natural mosquito repellents available. 

Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum.spicatum) powder, is one of the key components of these natural mosquito repellents. Santalum spicatum is a special type of Sandalwood species that is unique to Western Australia. Each year the Forrest Products Commission (FPC) is granted a licence to sustainably harvest up to 2,500T of Wild Sandalwood each year, however they seldom harvest this much wood. Western Australia is the only place in the world where the local government has been able to implement such a strict harvesting regime that it has prevented the Sandalwood resource from being overharvested or even worse completely extinct. 


So, this summer, when you are making your checklist for your well-planned trip, don’t forget to include New Mountain’s natural mosquito repellent using sandalwood powder to ensure a fun and stress-free vacation outdoors. You can get a wide range of sandalwood sticks, sandalwood powder, sandalwood chips, portable diffusers and a lot more to choose from and protect yourself from the dreaded mosquito bites, so visit our online store today!

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