You Can’t Put A Price On Your Health

January 19, 2016

In Australia we have become more informed about healthy lifestyle choices, and as consumers, we've become more conscious of making healthier and more environmentally friendly decisions about the food we eat and products we use. Chemical-free mosquito repellent allows everyone to continue to enjoy Australia’s great outdoors. 

One predicament people face is having to choose between using potentially harsh chemicals on our skin, against the possibility of acquiring a mosquito borne disease. Here in Australia these include Ross River Virus, Dengue Fever, Australian Encephalitis and on very rare occasions, Malaria. The problem is particularly vexed when it comes to parents using chemical repellents on their children’s skin. No one want’s to risk their own, or their family’s, health and well-being. 

We can all take sensible precautions

Most people in Australia live in urban environments and while the pester power of mosquitoes is certainly undeniable, the chances of becoming seriously ill by acquiring a mosquito borne illness is relatively low.  There are sensible precautions that we can take to limit our exposure to mosquitos.  Flyscreens and mosquito nets both offer a high degree of protection, as does avoiding going out at dawn or dusk and wearing light loose fitting clothes.  Sure we can also cover water tanks with mosquite-mesh and make sure there is no stagnant water laying in pot plants, gutters or ponds but Australians still want to enjoy an outdoors lifestyle.  

When we see warning labels on insect repellents that say “Care should be taken to only apply lower concentrations of DEET to children for short periods of time” or “Products containing DEET should not be used on infants” it’s not surprising that the alarm bells start to ring. 

So it’s good to know that there is an alternative to harsh chemical-laden insect repellent sprays that is natural, environmentally friendly, sustainably grown, safe AND it works. 

Sandalwood sticks the non-toxic solution

The natural occurring smoke from the burning of Sandalwood repels mosquitos and significantly helps reduce contact with mosquitoes. New Mountain Sandalwood Sticks are made from pure deadwood sandalwood thats been harvested sustainably here in Western Australia, they have no additives and they’re portable. 

Sandalwood sticks – a natural product that are safe and simple to use

Just light and place the required amount of sticks in the outdoor area 15 minutes prior to use. The sandalwood smoulders and will disperse and minimise exposure to mosquitoes providing you with 4 to 6 hours of protection. 

If you have little ones running around, our New Mountain Sandalwood Diffuser looks great in the garden and also helps to maximise the function of the stick, giving you even greater protection against mosquitoes. 

To find out more about New Mountain sandalwood products, visit the New Mountain website for information about the history of sandalwood in Western Australia and the natural environmentally friendly products we make and sell.

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