New gifts and Christmas wrapping added

New gifts and Christmas wrapping added

DEET - Is it the best choice?

October 30, 2017

DEET - Is it the best choice?

Not many of us actually know what DEET stands for but we do think of alarm bells when we hear it.

DEET (diethyltoluamide) is a harsh chemical introduced into the world in the 1950s.  It quickly became popular on a world scale for its ability to repel mosquitoes, flies and basically any annoying flying insect.

Back in the day we were oblivious to the effects chemicals had on our bodies. Who cared?  The generations lived care free, the war was over, people were building lives, education, jobs.  We didn’t hear about chemicals being bad for us – in fact if it did its job then we were happy.  The stronger the better.  We weren’t ‘green’ and didn’t have the research to understand we had options about how to live cleanly and improve our wellbeing by keeping our surrounds as natural as possible.

Queen Elizabeth is a perfect example. When DEET was first introduced as a mosquito killer it was used as an experiment during the Queen’s 1963 tour.  When walking through a public gathering, security people who walked behind the Queen sprayed DEET as they followed her to ensure she wasn’t bothered by mosquitoes. 

I think these days that chance of that happening again would be virtually zero.

We are bombarded every day though advertising and influencers on social media about what is good for us. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to their own opinion and to make their own choices as to what’s right for them.

In our world today, we are the ones responsible for living as best we can. We have access to virtually anything but the key is research.  Get information, build your knowledge on ingredients and take the time to research the manufacturers making the products you are interested in.  Your time is an investment and it only needs to be done once.  Quite often you will find everything you need to know and if you don’t, ask questions.  It’s your body, it’s your life.

We are lucky that now we don’t need to spray DEET all over ourselves to be mosquito free. It is our choice if we do but fortunately we have enough information now to know that DEET is not doing us any favours in the long run.   There are enough chemicals already being sprayed into our world and into our lungs. 

Think about how you can reduce your intake. 

Nowadays there is always an alternative.