In Australia, we are about to endure the worst mosquito outbreak in decades.

Some tips to protect yourself and your family?

  • Avoid mosquitoes when they are most active, particularly around dawn and dusk. Some mosquitoes will also bite during the day. Reduce the risk of contracting RRV or BFV by timing outdoor activities to avoid periods of greatest mosquito activity.
  • Cover up with long, loose-fitting and preferably light-coloured clothing. Mosquitoes can bite through fitted clothing, even denim jeans.
  • Dispose of all containers that hold water.
  • Keep swimming pools well chlorinated, filtered and free of dead leaves.
  • Fit mosquito-proof covers to vent pipes on septic tank systems. Seal all gaps around the lid and ensure leach drains are completely covered.
  • Empty pot plant drip trays once a week or fill with sand. Empty and clean animal and pet drinking water bowls once a week.
  • Use chemical free, Sandalwood Mosquito Repellents to keep mosquitoes at bay. Safe for you and your family.