Product of the Week - "3 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks"

Mosquitoes will unfortunately never go away for good but we can make sensible choices so that they stay away.  3 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Sticks are our most popular product and can help you to enjoy the outdoors.

We have been working with the Western Australian government for decades.  Our sister company is the largest processor of Sandalwood in the world. Having this magical plant at our doorstep, we started thinking about ways in which we can utilise this wonderful resource. Sure, sandalwood has been used for years by the French perfumeries but what could we offer our customers in Australia? A lot of our staff here at New Mountain are parents with young children and we so we wanted to think about how Sandalwood could help young families to make healthy choices.

We knew from our research with the Western Australian government that they burned the sandalwood bark and leaves centuries ago to ward off mozzies so we worked on developing a sandalwood mosquito repellent that could be made in the form of an incense stick. That's how our Sandalwood Mosquito Stick was born.  An original formula that can never be replicated.  It’s pretty cool to know that this simple movement from centuries ago is still being used today.

Did you also know sandalwood is one of our best kept secrets! Western Australia is the only region in the world that can guarantee harvest of sustainably grown sandalwood each year.

No Toxins, No Chemicals

We love that sandalwood naturally repels so we can produce a natural repellent with no chemicals – no DEET or DEP. So that means they can be used around children and pets or people with sensitive skin. It’s great to have an alternative that you know you can trust. We are proud of the fact that we can offer a natural choice to customers, especially for our kidlets and pets, we are offering safe alternatives which is a sigh of relief.

3 hours is perfect!

Our 3 hour sticks offers a great amount of protection when you're having a barbeque or just hanging around the outdoors.  Light the tip of the stick until flamed then blow out and place 3 metres apart.  Do this about 10 minutes before you're due to go outside and you're covered.

Quality – no comparison

You might find there are other sandalwood sticks that have since become available buy but our bet is they don’t contain real sandalwood. Read the labels, check for ingredients….ask questions!  Suppliers have a duty of care to their customers so you need to be sure you know exactly what you are buying and how well they will work for you.  New Mountain’s products are the most effective repellent on the marketplace.  Ask us and we will show you!

3 hour Sandalwood Mosquito Repellent products are now 25% off commencing 20 May 2017.

This special ends Saturday 25 May 2017. Be quick!!