BOOLAMARR "many hands"

May 28, 2017

It's National Reconciliation Week, so its a great time to support Aboriginal Business and try something from the Boolamarr Range.

Boolamarr means "many hands" in the language of the Nyoongar people of the South West of Western Australia. The name "Boolamarr" was chosen by Dr Richard Walley OAM Nyoongar Statesman to reflect the Industrial range he carefully developed with his wife, Robyn Smith-Walley. 

Richard was once a welder, and knew the workshop environment well. Both Richard and Robyn wanted to develop an industrial hand wash that was highly effective, but soft on hands. Many workers find their hands dry and crack from repetitive use of hand washing and solvent based cleaners. Boolamarr contains sandalwood seed oil that is a natural moisturising and protective emollient from the Western Australian Sandalwood Seed. 

The innovative Sandalwood Seed projects have been developed by Wescorp. Wescorp spent nearly a decade researching and developing sandalwood seed oil. It was the Aboriginal uses that inspired Wescorp to invest in the seed project. For thousands of generations Aboriginal people have rubbed the Sandalwood Seed on the skin to protect,  help heal sores and cuts, and sooth aching joints. It is no surprise that science proved what the Aboriginal people always knew; the sandalwood Seed has healing and protective properties!

Boolamarr was one of the first products on the market to contain Sandalwood Seed Oil and Sandalwood Shell Grit. The Sandalwood Seed is protected by a hard shell. Once the seeds have been cracked for oil extraction the shell is separated and ground down into various sizes. Boolamarr Industrial Hand Wash has the coarse grit of the Sandalwood Shell. This exfoliant is effective in lifting heavy soilage from hands, making it the perfect garden or workshop soap. This natural biodegradable grit will not harm the water ways or marine life. An environmentally, ethical and sustainable choice!!


By supporting Boolamarr you are supporting the Sandalwood Seed Industry, Aboriginal business and through Wescorp's Sandalwood Seed Oil, you are also giving back to the Aboriginal youth, through educational and cultural workshops. Funds from Wescorp's Sandalwood Seed Oil directly fund workshops run by Aboriginal Owned business Kworp Marr. 

So this Reconciliation week take a small step to supporting Aboriginal business and communities and try Boolamarr today.

Gift Packs from as little as $13.00 are also available here.

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