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Rose and Sandalwood the Perfect Pair

November 10, 2020

Rose and Sandalwood the Perfect Pair

Rose and Sandalwood have always been lovers, they are the perfect match.

We have beautiful old fashioned roses in our office garden, the deep red ones that are often found in Grandparents gardens, whether wild or cared for they always look amazing when in bloom.

Walking past their striking red petals is the ultimate reminder to “stop and smell the roses”.

One of our lovely Wescorp family, Jo has her desk at the entrance of the office. She will regularly have a vase of roses on her desk. Recently I couldn’t help but linger around her desk smelling the roses and looking at the sandalwood on display. Then wondering... how can I mix these two natural beauties.... these old lovers... 

As the petals of Jo’s roses slowly started to fall I noticed their sweet aroma did not... when the roses were done with their time on display I asked Jo if I could take the petals. I mixed the petals with Sandalwood Sawdust and left them to dry on a window shelf in the sun. 

The sandalwood and roses are completely intoxicating! I have kept a dish on my desk for over a week and continue to smell this mix made in heaven, over and over. The aroma is still strong and sweet. Once they are completely dried I think I will make a little potpourri for Jo, or a drawer sachet.

How lucky we are to have an office full of roses and Sandalwood! 


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