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Therapeutic Uses of Agarwood Oil and Hydrosol

September 19, 2018

Therapeutic Uses of Agarwood Oil and Hydrosol

Agarwood is the resinous heartwood of certain species of genera Aquilaria, Gyrinops and Gonostylis of family Thymalaceae. Agarwood oil is distilled from the resinous heartwood, where the water insoluble essential oil fraction is separated from the oil and distilled water is known as the hydrosol.

Agarwood heartwood, oil and hydrosol has been used for perfumery, incense and medicine by the oriental cultures since time immemorial. This blog summarise some of the traditional therapeutic uses of agarwood heartwood, oil and hydrosol.

While the below uses all have references and studies to support these claims, it is important that you seek professional advice before consuming or treating yourself in anyway. Our Agarwood products are not food grade. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Heart wood is broken down into a powder then boiled in water to make a Strong tea/liquid and consumed to treat disorders of the stomach and intestines, cough, joint inflammation, and fever. In maintaining general health heartwood tea is used as a sedative, analgesic and to treat flatulence.

Ayuredic Medicine

Heartwood is used as a powder or boiled in water to make a tea/liquid to treat diarrhoea, dysentery, nausea, anorexia, and mouth and teeth disease. Agarwood powder is an ingredient of Chavanprash which is a medicaments for general health and wellbeing. Agarwood oil is used in formulations as topical treatment for joint inflammation, sprains, pain relief, neuropathy and paralysis.

Arabian Traditional Medicine

Arabian medicine records Agarwood as a treatment for joint inflammation, gout, body pain and asthma. Most commonly noted as a laxative, aphrodisiac and stimulant.  

Other Traditional Medicine of Asia

Traditional medicine in japan and Korea use Agarwood mainly to promote appetite and as a sedative, also in the treatment of coughs and asthma. Indonesian traditional medicine prescribes to expose painful joints to fumes of burning Agarwood as a treatment to reduce pain. In Malaysia Agarwood heartwood is used as a carminative and in the treatment of rheumatism. Thai traditional medicine prescribes Agarwood together with other herbs as a treatment for malaria. A formulation known as Krisanaglun which contains all parts if the Agarwood tree is used for stomach and intestine disorders and dermatological complications. Tibetan medicine prescribes Agarwood as a treatment for nervous and emotional disorders. 

Easy and safe ways to use Agarwood in your home

Agarwood hydrosol or oil can be diffused in an electric diffuser in your home. The hydrosol can be used neat, or blend with rose water or add a couple of drops of Sandalwood essential oil or your favourite oils. Florals, woody and musky blend well with the Agarwood aroma.

Pour Agarwood hydrosol into a spray bottle and use to spray on your face or body (always do a patch test before use), or as a air freshener.

Agarwood oil can be blended with perfume, oil roll on for topical treatments.

Burning Agarwood chips, best burned in a odourless charcoal in a safe incense burner. 


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