What Is Hydrosol?

July 20, 2017

Hydrosol is the water that remains when plants are steam-distilled or hydro-distilled to release their essential oils. 

Hydro = water Sol =solution

Hydrosols are unique in that they can only be produced through the distillation process. Sometimes 'floral waters' can be a blend of essential oil in water, and do not contain the same unique particles as hydrosols. In hydrosol, the water contains some of the water-soluble micro molecules of essential oil, as well as water-soluble plant components. The plant components offer the herbal or floral therapeutic benefits, and the micro molecules of essential oils give the hydrosol it's scent.

Sometimes Hydrosol are called distillate waters, hydrolats or floral waters. 

New Mountain Merchant's hydrosols are 100% pure and natural. They do not have any added preservatives nor are they extracted with solvents. 


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