Australian Agarwood Feature Piece

Agarwood (also known as gaharu in the South East Asia, oud in the Middle East, chen xiang in China, jinkoh in Japan and agar in India) is a highly valuable and aromatic resin formed in the heartwood of the Aquilaria species.

Australian Agarwood has produced a unique aroma with signature leather, honey, mild nutmeg and animal notes known to Agarwood.

These feature pieces are one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Our Australian Agarwood is grown in the tropical far north of Queensland in sustainable CITES approved plantations.


Length 13cm

Width 7cm

Height 8cm

Dimensions taken are from the longest & widest points. 


All international Agarwood orders are sent with a CITES export permit. Please check with your country’s customs office to find out if you need an import permit. Orders within Australia do not require CITES permits. 

Due to Import Restrictions Agarwood sent to the United States of America takes up to 3 weeks processing before being sent. 

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