Sandalwood Seed Products

Products developed from Sandalwood Seed are unique and luxurious. The Sandalwood Seed contains are rare acid known as Ximenynic Acid and high levels of Oleic Acid. A beautiful and healing seed that can be collected from trees as young as 5 years old.

Sandalwood Seed Oil Funding Cultural Workshops for Aboriginal Youth Groups

Wescorp donate a percentage of profits from the Sandalwood Seed Oil sales to Kworp Marr. Kworp Marr, meaning “good hands” in the language of the Nyoongar people of the South West of Western Australia. Kworp Marr offers cultural workshops to Aboriginal youth in Western Australia. The donations fund educational and cultural workshops and programs for Aboriginal youth.  The programs that are developed by Dr Richard Walley and Robyn Smith-Walley enable Aboriginal youth to gain a better understanding of their cultural heritage. Kworp Marr believe this will enable their confidence and pride, and prepare them for future education and career challenges.