Agarwood Chips CA-L D grade

Wood of the Gods

Our sustainably harvested agarwood is from plantations that have been induced using the internationally acclaimed natural CAKit technology. This endangered Aquilaria tree is now being cultivated by Wescorp in Australia. Until the Australian harvest starts in 2016, we are offering CAL product from Lao, using the same CAKit methods.

New Mountain only uses products that are supplied by Wescorp Agarwood and guarantee the natural sustainable quality of every product.

For further information about agarwood, please visit Wesorp Agarwood at www.wescorp.com.au

Please note this product is not available for international customers due to restrictions within import regulations.

  • For more information please contact mosquito@newmountain.com.au

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Chemical free is just perfect for my family. Deters the mossies, not my guests!

Rose, Western Australia

Reluctant to buy products with chemicals and addictives. I was very please to hear that New Mountain is all natural and chemical free. Safe too!

Pam, South Australia

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