Western Australian Sandalwood Powder

Our Sandalwood Powder is sustainably harvested from wild Sandalwood from the native Western Australian Species, Santalum spicatum,. The powder is beautiful for burning and in cosmetics, with a high presence of the essential oil. 

Traditional Ayurvedic medicine recommends grinding sandalwood logs to make a paste for facial treatments such as acne. Just add hydrosol, rose water or milk to turn it into a smooth and effective paste.

Holds well without a binder when piled into an incense burner. This powder could be easily blend with other powders to make incense cones, great for incense makers and aromatherapists.

New Mountain Merchants has no obligation to clear the goods for import, pay any import duty or carry out any import customs formalities

1kg per bag. Limited to 5 bags per order. For bulk orders email fleur@wescorp.com.au

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