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Australian Agarwood Small Chip (pre grind)

Agarwood, also known as Oud, Aloeswood, Eaglewood or Ghatuwood has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, perfumery, incense making and crafting.

Our Australian Agarwood is the first of its kind, grown in the tropical far north of Queensland, Australia in sustainable CITES approved plantations.


The Australian Agarwood Small chips measure anywhere between 0.5cm - 1cm on average. The small chip can be burned using a charcoal burner or used in incense & soap making, heat packs bath soaks etc. 


approximately 300g per bag

All international Agarwood orders are sent with a CITES export permit. Please check with your country’s customs office to find out if you need an import permit. Orders within Australia do not require CITES permits. 

Due to importing and customs regulations, when sending Agarwood to the United Stares of America, please allow up to 5 business days for dispatch. If you have any questions regarding this process please email us.

For bulk orders or enquiries email: 

To find our more about Australian Agarwood visit


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