Welcome to our new look website!

Welcome to our new look website!

Santalum spicatum Essential Oil - Standard Grade

    Santalum spicatum originates from Western Australia. 

    Spicatum has a sweet aroma which sandalwood is known for but the woody and earthy, balsamic aromas are most prominent. 

    Spicatum essential oil can be used in many different ways personally and for the home.  Use as a lasting, natural perfume applied to the skin or clothing. Use for relaxation in the home by burning in a boil burner.  This essential oil works beautifully when added to a carrier oil or cosmetic product.  Apply to dry skin and scars to assist in the healing process.

    • 5g, 10g, 100g and 500g bottle options
    • Contact fleur@wescorp.com.au if you are wishing to purchase quantities of 1kg or greater

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