Western Australian Sandalwood Incense Powder

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Our Sandalwood Incense Powder is made from pure Wild Western Australian Sandalwood (Santalum Spicatum) that has died naturally in the desert and is collected by licensed harvesters. The Sandalwood regeneration program ensures that there will be a sustainable supply of Wild native Sandalwood grown throughout Western Australia.

This powder is specifically designed as an incense finishing powder. Incense sticks can be rolled in the powder to give an aromatic coat of sandalwood powder that can be smelled when burned. Piled into an incense burner without the need for a binder or even blended with other powders to make incense cones, perfect for incense makers and aromatherapists.

New Mountain Merchants has no obligation to clear the goods for import, pay any import duty or carry out any import customs formalities

1kg per bag. Limited to 5 bags per order. For bulk orders email fleur@wescorp.com.au

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