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The Tjiwarl Sandalwood Collection

Welcome to the Tjiwarl Sandalwood Collection. 

The Tijiwarl Collection is a selection of unique Sandalwood pieces that have been harvested by licensed Aboriginal harvesters, from their Native title land, Tjiwarl Native Title. Tijwarl means 'something shining' in Ngalia language, the language spoken by the first nations peoples of Tjiwarl country. 

The Beaman family were awarded a contract with the Forrest Products Commission (FPC) in July 2019 to harvest dead Sandalwood, Sandalwood that has died naturally in the desert.

These pieces are purchased by New Mountain Merchants and displayed as an exclusive range of Aboriginal Sandalwood. Most pieces are between 80-150 years old and carry many stories from the land.

Each piece is sold as an individual item as shown below. New Mountain donate a percentage of sales to Leonora Youth Centre, a community group selected by The Beaman's and also supported by the FPC harvesting contract. 

The Tjukurrpa and Parna, is what brings everyone together, culture and country.  


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