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Information for US & UK customers


New Mountain Merchants has provided the US market with chemical-free mosquito sticks for many years. We value our US customers and try to do our best to provide our natural products to you at affordable costs. Shipping from Australia is expensive, so we are always trying on increase our stockists in the US. If you would like to purchase form a US stockists please email with your location and we will refer you onto the nearest retailer.

Find a Mosquito Retailer 

Shipping prices to the US are below:

Standard Shipping:
Express Shipping:
0 - 500g $32.95
500g - 1kg $44.95
1kg - 1.5kg $56.95
1.5kg - 2kg $62.95
2kg - 3kg $76.95
3kg - 4kg $79.95
4kg - 5kg $87.95
5kg - 6kg  $96.95
6kg - 7kg $105.00
7kg - 8kg $112.00
8kg - 10kg $120.00
If you are interested in becoming a stockist of our Chemical-free mosquito range please contact
UK Customers: 
The new UK VAT laws came into force on January 1, 2021. As New Mountain do not charge VAT or duties on products, you will need to pay them upon entry/delivery in the UK. 


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