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3 Simple Ways to use Sandalwood Powder

March 21, 2018

These days its hard to know what is really in the products we buy. Cosmetic ingredients only require ingredients over 1% to be listed, and lets be honest.. who knows what those long scientific names mean anyway! More often people are asking questions about their products and trying to make their own where possible. Here are three simple ways our pure 100% Australian Sandalwood Powder can be used:

1. Sandalwood Mud Mask 

Sandalwood has been use in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, and is commonly used in modern cosmetics. A natural mud mask has been used for thousands of years to help a clear complexion. Simply mix sandalwood powder with milk to make a paste and apply to the face. Leave for approximately 10 minutes and wash off. We recommend our Superfine Sandalwood Powder for this recipe. 


2. Add Sandalwood Powder to Your Face Wash 

Our Sandalwood Powder is great to add to your favourite face wash for a gentle exfoliant. Add a pinch of powder to your face  in the palm of your hand, the powder particles are small enough they will gently exfoliate your face and add the benefits of sandalwood essential oils contained in the wood. We recommend you do not add the powder to the bottle, but a little in your hand as you are washing your face. 


3. Burn Sandalwood Powder as Incense.

Fragrance and DEP are not made to be burned, but are cheap ways to make incense. You can burn pure 100% Australian Sandalwood Powder without any additives and know that you and your family can breathe easy without wondering what is in the incense you purchased over seas or at the local gift store. 

Simply make a pyramid shape with Sandalwood powder in a heatproof dish and light the top. The powder will slowly smoulder just as incense does. No need to add anything. 


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