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get $10 off when you spend $50 on mosquito products! use discount code: november

Why Should You Choose A Local Sustainable Company?

December 22, 2015

While buying something as basic as a natural mosquito repellent, you probably don’t give much thought about the company behind the product making it. However, if you are a parent to young children in particular, the company and its commitment to the environment is most likely important to you. After all, as parents, it is not just important to provide a safe present but also ensure a truly insured future as well. 

Perhaps in that aspect it is much better to make some sensible choices today and ensure your kids reap those benefits going forward, both environmentally as well as economically. This is where New Mountain natural mosquito repellent scores over others. 

Go Local: The Driving Mantra

You could ask how does choosing a local company making natural mosquito repellent be a better deal than the plethora of the global options that might be available elsewhere. The answers are below:

  • Western Australia continues to be the only region in the world that continues to sustainably harvest and large output of sandalwood products.
  • Each year the Forrest Products Commission (FPC) is granted a licence to sustainably harvest up to 2,500T of Wild Sandalwood each year (however they seldom harvest this amount wood).
  • Based on this simple fact, the possibility of getting authentic and reasonably priced natural mosquito repellent is much higher locally versus internationally.
  • A thriving natural mosquito repellent manufacturing buzz will help generate meaningful job opportunities in the region
  • It combines health benefits with economic and environmental benefits beautifully
  • It also opens up a long-term and sustainable working module for the industry as well as the local region
  • A local natural mosquito repellent will be able to provide the users with the best range of choices as they are most aware of the local challenges

A Wide Range of Options

Apart from the medicinal benefits of sandalwood, there is another key reason why using a natural mosquito repellent made of sandalwood powder by a local company proves more beneficial. Knowing the environment, customs and local challenges well, it is your best bet to get the widest range of alternatives as well as variants. From sandalwood sticks to coil diffusers and even portable options, you name it and New Mountain provides you with an enviable product range. It is even possible to procure the much acclaimed Pure West Australian sandalwood powder, sandalwood chips or sandalwood oils of a very superior grade from New Mountain. 

Local Commitment

The fact that New Mountain is a natural mosquito repellent maker with roots strongly entwined in the region makes a lot of difference. Every packet that they produce not only packs in the best the region has to offer but also goes a long way in ensuring a better future for the entire Western Australian region. 

The New Mountain Merchants is a WA family owned company that is committed to provide safe and environmentally responsible quality products to the people in the region. The ACTIV Foundation handpicks these locally, and every stick that makes it to the packet is checked individually before guaranteeing its quality.

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