How To Use Hydrosols

July 20, 2017

Hydrosols are the remaining water after essential oil is extracted from plant material through steam or hydro disilllation.

Unlike most essential oils that should be diluted, hydrosols are much gentler and can usually be used directly on the skin without diluting. Often Hydrosols are used in place of water when creating natural formulas for the face and body. They offer therapeutic benefits and add a natural fragrance. 

Hydrosols are great for people wanting to use natural products in their home, they can simply be poured into a spray bottle and used as an air freshener or through an electric diffuser, face mist, face steam, added to a bath or used as a cologne or body spray. If you want to blend a favourite fragrance simple add a few drops of essential oil.

Make sure to keep hydrosols in a dark cool place or in the fridge if you live in hot climates. Hydrosols are vulnerable to bacteria as they mostly water. If you observe changes to your hydrosol or have any negative reactions, discontinue use and dispose of any remaining liquid. Most hydrosols have a shelf life of 18 months. New Mountain Merchants will always have the date of distillation on the label. To ensure you get the longest shelf life from your hydrosol, always be careful not to contaminate by using clean utensils and keep lid firmly closed when not is use.


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