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How to Use Sandalwood Seed Oil at Home

August 21, 2020

How to Use Sandalwood Seed Oil at Home

Sandalwood Seed Oil is a pure natural oil that can be used in many ways for hair and skin applications. With high levels of rare ximenynic acid, Sandalwood Seed Oil can help reduce the appearance of ageing, assist in the repair of scares and sores, reduce the appearance of cellulite and aid in the prevention of hair loss.

At home you can simply add Sandalwood Seed Oil to your favourite moisturiser or serum to assist in the repair of your skin. Sandalwood Seed Oil is very light and absorbs quickly, so adding about 10% will not make your skin greasy and will be effective.

For a great body oil that is gentle enough to use straight after shaving blend sandalwood seed oil with a carrier oil such as macadamia, olive or jojoba and rub into your legs for a healthy glow. 

If you have concerns about hair loss, massage sandalwood seed oil into your scalp each night and wash out in the morning. 

Sandalwood Seed Oil is not fragrant like Sandalwood essential oil, but has a mild nutty aroma that dissipates once rubbed into the skin. 

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