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What Is Agarwood?

July 05, 2017

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Agarwood is a dark aromatic resin that is formed in the heartwood of the aquilaria tree. The resin is only formed when the tree is infected with a type of fungus. The aquilaria tree responds to the infection by producing a dark aromatic resin known as Agarwood. It is this process of the infection that produces Agarwood. Without the infection, aquilaria trees will not produce Agarwood. 

Although Agarwood may not be well known here in Australia, it has a long rich history of medicinal uses in many countries. Agarwood or also known as Oud, Aloes or Agar has been used for thousands of years by physicians in Tibet, India, China, Japan and the Middle East to treat a range of physical and mental conditions.

Agarwood essential oil is extracted from the heartwood that has the resin embedded within. Chips of this resinous heartwood can also be burned to scent clothing or for religious or therapeutic purposes. 

Agarwood has a spicy sweet woody aroma and can last on the skin for more than 12 hours. The high grade Agarwood oil is often used in high end men's fragrances and commonly referred to as 'Oud'. 

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